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this workshop provides tools for using social, material, and digital media globally



Workshop leader Matthew Stadler has begun to focus the workshop's concerns around the question of publication: how do our social, material, and digital practices beckon a public into being? This question is explored through active projects in publication, principally via a new entity called the Publication Studio. On December 20, 2009, Publication Studio will convene three free information sessions expanding on the workshop's inquiries at a holiday Publication Fair at the Ace Hotel, 1022 SW Stark Street, Portland, Ore.. For details, contact Publication Studio or look at their website.

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The workshop meets when and wherever 8 or 10 people (or thereabouts) decide they’d like to sponsor and participate in a session. A session typically comprises 20 – 30 hours of meetings over a week to ten weeks, depending on schedules and arrangements with the workshop leader, Matthew Stadler. Afterwards, workshop members continue their association via the workshop’s shared resource data base and publication in the workshop reader. Thus, the community of the workshop grows session by session to include members wherever there is sufficient interest. So far sessions have been held or are scheduled for Portland, Oregon (USA), Berlin (Germany), Mexico, and Vancouver, B.C. (Canada).

If you have a group interested in the workshop, please e-mail to make a proposal. If you have fewer than enough people, send a note anyway, and we’ll try to assemble a session that includes you.

Matthew Stadler is a novelist and editor, co-founder of Clear Cut Press, former literary editor of Nest Magazine, and founder/collaborator with the back room and Publication Studio.



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